Residential Architecture

Our Approach

We believe that each new home should reflect the people and, equally as important, the natural landscape that it will inhabit for generations to come.

More often than not, a home will be built on a site with very unique features that should be respected and embraced rather than dismissed as an afterthought.

Our approach is to prepare a comprehensive study of each site; identifying the topographical conditions, prevailing winds, solar exposure and important views, to name a few.

This information will act as a natural guide for the layout of the home – taking full advantage of its natural surroundings while respecting the environment within the design.

From there each room, each window, each step you take through your home will be a result of our personal collaboration with you; bringing to life the best possible solutions to your family’s needs.

Stock plans are generic in the sense that they do not allow for this harmonious relationship between the environment and owner. They are also around every corner. At BAMA Architecture we can give you a “one‐of‐a kind” home that is in complete harmony with its surroundings and, most importantly, a complete reflection of you.